Right person at a wrong time

Well friends I guess many of us have gone through this situation, what we call a right person at a wrong time. When nothing seems right suddenly someone comes into your life who appreciates everything about you that someone else took for granted. Who is ready to shower their love on you. Who make every effort to become a part of your life. For whom your happiness is everything.

Even your heart melts for that person, after all who don’t like to get loved and valued, but still you hide your feelings. You make yourself appear insensitive because circumstances force you to do so, and you reckon it’s better to distance yourself as you understand the value of human emotions and can’t see that person getting hurt.
And at the end all you can do is hide your pain with a fake smile.

©Priti chaubey

Confession of soul.

Our story was more like hide and seek.
You entered my spirit like a stormy wind,
and carried away my happiness with your swing.
My heart knows not where to go… it
wanders on the path that leads to you.
My mind kept searching on every street,

where you left me like a tree without leaves.

@Priti c