Simple yet so complex

She is simple yet so complex. She is beautiful for pouring life in her thoughts, which is mistaken by others as a creative art. She is beautiful for that sparkle in her eyes while she talks about her ambitions and dreams. She is beautiful for her ability to conceal her pain still make others smile because her heart believes in speaking the language of love that is understood worldwide. She is beautiful for deviating from the trend of stylistic imitation of this transitory world and sticking to her simplicity.

Neither, she is beautiful, like those young women in the magazine, nor she is beautiful like her temporary looks. She is beautiful, deep down, her soul for accepting the hardships of life and facing them with courage and a smile.

Hence, she is a mysterious deep ocean difficult to swim for the one who prefers the shallow end. However, easy to cross for the one who is ready to make an attempt to explore the mystical depth of her emotions.

©Priti Chaubey


Hidden pain behind the smile and cheerful tone that announces to the world that everything is fine. Surrounded by masses, still alone. Living with the feelings buried in the heart that she never told. Because she knows some emotions are meant to be felt but not entailed to be said.

©Priti chaubey