Life =Echo

Whatever you will say on echo point will reflect back to you.For example you say I love you the sound of I love you will echo back and will fill your face with smile. Likewise, if you will say I hate you even that sound will be reflected back, but for sure you will not like that sound. As no one wants to hear I hate you.

 In a similar manner Life is also like an Echo.You always get back what you give. If you will  keep  sounding off  about life, do not see the positivity in your existence, keep hatred for others, play with their emotions than you can never expect goodness in return.

 On the other hand, if you sustain a positive outlook towards life,show willingness to accept the challenges,   realise that every person is important and greet them with love and smile everything will come back to you in double amount.

 There is an abundance of both positivity and negativity in the universe and it entirely depends on you what you choose for yourself.

  ┬ęPriti C


Secret of writing 

Writing is all about placing your heart on paper, For that you don’t need to attend any special classes, it’s in you just feel the emotions, work with the flow, be in the state of mind where you are able to imagine yourself in a particular situation you are writing about, as a result you will end up penning a masterpiece. Each and every word will be your own beautiful  creation. Irrespective of the theme, if you are  able to connect with your words, able to enjoy the flow of words only then you can expect others to like it.So be yourself, remove all the hesitation and write down the first thought that comes into your mind and believe me those words will turn out to be the most effective piece you can ever write .And it will fill your head with a sense of accomplishment.

┬ęPriti C