Soul that carries empathy.

Either a soul goes through enormous pain or it gives that pain out. However, a soul that carries empathy will always choose to be the soul who takes the pain, destroy it and convert it into peace.

This world doesn’t need more successful people it needs more of heart meanders, who can fix someone’s heart and tell them you are not hard to love. No matter what I’m with you, just give me a chance to heal your pain, to put your broken pieces together. Allow my love to make your life beautiful because “love is the only thing in this world that does not hurt”.

Thank you

Every day we find thousands of reason to argue and blame each other in a relationship. Why, because it’s easy to express disappointment and to play the blame game. However, do we ever take the initiative of expressing our gratitude towards our partner with the same zest. Well, I guess, we all know the answer and its “No”.

We never thank our partners for handling our mood swings, for loving us when we are not loveable and supporting us in all spheres of life.

Thank you, it may seem to be a simple two-letter word, but in reality, these two words hold the power to capture any heart because it represents love, compassion and kindness.

It can make a relationship blossom in a different way because just like a flower need water and sunshine to grow similarly even a relationship requires each partner to express their love, gratitude towards each other to strengthen the bond.

©Priti Chaubey

Love !

Love is when you miss the person even when everyone is around. Love is when they become your first thought in the morning and the last thought in the night. Love is when you both had a fight, still they are the first one on your mind you want to share your happiest moment with. Love is when you wait for them to come online, and your heart prays that they always remain fine. Love is when you wait for them with a faith and even their small text seems like winning a jackpot. Love is when they are the one whom you fear to lose. Love is when you envisage your future with them.

©Priti Chaubey

Love before meeting

Is it possible to fall in love with someone before meeting?

Well, the answer is yes, because sometimes our soul falls in love even before we meet.
We form an instant connection with a person that they no more appear to be a stranger. We began to see our future with them, their name gets included in our prayers. We share every detail of our life with them. Our heart starts to feel their pain; their safety and happiness become our priority.

They become our foremost thought in the morning and the last thought in the night. Unwittingly, we devote our loyalty to them and start to have unquestionable faith in them. A text or a small conversation with them is enough to change our mood as if we have hit a jackpot.

If it’s not love, then what’s your definition of love?

©Priti Chaubey


Every single day we all are fighting a battle not necessarily with others, but with one’s own self, not physically, but every moment in our minds to become the best possible version of ourselves.

We all are attempting to navigate through this life and understand this world and in this hustle and bustle of life, we often find ourselves alone.

Hence, in those times, don’t forget to remind yourself that we all are connected. So, never be afraid of the life, love you deserve. Don’t hold yourself back from asking for help. Let the love find you, hold someone’s hand, allow them to hold yours.

©Priti Chaubey

Life lesson

Here is how life happens; we never think that the last time is the last time. We keep on taking people for granted, because we live with a misconception that they will stick around forever, but in reality, there is nothing called forever. We don’t possess an idea what the next moment holds for us. So, it’s better to express the feelings than to regret later, as there is no perfect time and tomorrow is unpredictable. There is nothing wrong in being yourself because ‘Life always begins at the end of our comfort zone’.

©Priti Chaubey

Relationships aren’t complicated.

We often hear relationships are complicated and great compatibility is required to make it work.

I agree that sometimes misunderstanding leads to problems because we don’t listen, to understand, we just concentrate to reply. We keep our next options lined up if something doesn’t work according to us in a relationship. Instead of communicating with our partners and solving the problem, we post our issues on social media where nobody really cares but put their two cents in.

And the fact is, it’s our pre-set expectations from a relationship that never let us acknowledge the little effort another person is trying to make. So expect less and embrace more as life is not about having everything, it’s about enjoying the small things.

A relationship is delicate like a flower, that needs to be nurtured with love, patience, loyalty and trust, so that it keeps blooming even in the midst of a storm.

A relationship requires commitment, and it works on one simple rule; you take care of me, and I take care of you.

©Priti Chaubey

RIP Our National Assets (Bravehearts) 🙏

We are amused by the actors playing the character of a soldier on the screen, but invariably forget to appreciate our national assets, who remain 24*7 on borders to protect us.
They are first to stand up for what is right and last in the field to give up the fight.
They are ready to render help to anyone in need and with a smile on the face always remain in the lead.
They leave their family, kids and wife behind and sacrifice their lives to keep us alive.
They work selflessly and never ask for anything in return. Being a soldier calls for great courage and self-sacrifice.

So it’s a humble request appreciate the men in uniform, and our Martyred soldiers wrapped in tricolor for their bravery.
As they are the one who shows the real meaning of “Service Before Self.”

©Priti Chaubey