Kuch alfaaz…..

Honth par mand muskaan liye har subh wo chekhti hai,
Mano khushiyon mein shamil saare jahaan ko wo karti hai.
Par shaam dahlte naa jaane kyun gumsum wo ho jaati hai,
Lagtaa hai iss duniya ki bheed mein akela khud ko wo paati hai.
Dosti kar apni tanhaiyon se kyun sukoon wo pati hai,
Kya sunaye jisse apne dil ki baat aisa koi nahi iss sach se waakif wo ho jaati hai.

©Priti chaubey


Book review of Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara by Rajiv Bakshi.

The book Journey from Guwhati to Machhiwara is really a very interesting book which drove me to read the book in one go. The short stories by Mr Rajiv Bakshi sir, are written in such a manner that it arouses interest in readers and especially the chapters ‘The last ride together and My encounter with the wasps are worth reading. Overall the book is very interesting.

HAPPY Friendship Day

First of all Happy Friendship Day to all my friends🙏☺️

Our bond is special and so our friendship , this bond is the only reason that me and my bestie together wrote a story which is now turned into a book (novel) . Yes we are besties with same interest ☺️❤️So friends here it is , the cover of our first book “My Heart Belongs To You” ❤️

Friends please share your valuable feedback on our cover page ☺️😊.And please share it with more and more people 🙏🙏

My ❤ Belongs To You


July 2017 I created my account on WordPress unaware of the topic, I will write about.It was simply an urge to express my emotions and feelings so that I can have a relax mind, and honestly speaking friends I never expected that my words will get so much appreciation.

And believe me friends It feels so good when I hear that my writing inspired many of you and you can relate to my words.

So first of all I want to thank each and every one of you for spending your valuable time on my blogs and boosting my morale with your motivating comments.

Your support instilled a fresh confidence in me and because of which I have completed my first book and it will be out by September. The way you have shown love for my blogs hope my book will receive the same love from you guys because just like my blogs I have poured my heart in my book too.

The book is in collaboration with my best friend and co-writer Srishti and our idea behind this was to encourage the concept of besties with the same passion.

Friends the title of my book is ‘My Heart Belongs To You.’

Rest I will keep you guys updated about the release and link to purchase my book.Just need support from my friends.

And you can follow my instapage for more updates: https://www.instagram.com/authorpritisrishti/

©Priti c