Thank You Everyone 

When I started writing 4months back there was no particular topic in my head, it was just an inner drive that motivated me to write. And at that very moment I decided to create a blog on WordPress with the name World of feelings where I write whatever I feel in my heart.

And it’s a fact that I was bit anxious about my writing, but it’s all because of your support friends that within a short span of time I have entered into 1000 club.

I genuinely want to thank each and every one of you for spending your precious time on my blog and boosting my moral with your valuable comments. 🙏🙏

Please continue supporting me like this.

Happy New year to everyone in advance ☺😊


False belief..

 We  fear things even before starting because our mind is all full uncertainty and false belief that we’ll not be able to accomplish those things  as we might have failed at it once or every time we get rejected we think it’s our fault. 

But the fact is, we  never fail because we destined to fail, but there is always a lesson behind that failure that we need to memorize .

Thus instead of adopting a negative approach and giving up we should consider the rejection and failure as a chapter in a book of life that is  preparing us for the beautiful tomorrow.

It’s all in us we just need to substitute the false belief or so called fear of failure in our mind with positivity and start working towards the goal.

©Priti C

I’m Possible

You yourself, create your destiny, it’s all in the mind you attract what you opine. Ups and downs are the division of life so never hold on that cannot be changed as time never remains the same.

when ever you feel like giving up just remember you are halfway there. So just motivate yourself and move on with a zest, embrace and value your present and make your future the best.

Because when you decide to say I can’t do something how hard you try you’ll never be able to do it. And how tough something may seem if you say I can do it, then even impossible says I’m possible.

@Priti C

Life Lesson

Once who made you feel on cloud nine and took you to leave all the worries behind.

All of a sudden began to keep you aside, making something really go bad inside and one who has never been short of words, today use silence to play their role.

But that broken trust taught the biggest lesson of life,not to let others control your smile.

As some lessons are learnt the hardest ways and some cost is never meant to be paid.


Live life to the fullest.

Life is a game so play it with your heart and brain . sometimes you win, sometimes you lose but never allow the spirit of positivity die within you.

Everything happens for a reason and like players in game not everyone meant to stay in your life and the one meant for you stick with you even without trying.So don’t cry because it’s over just smile because it happened.

Life is nothing but a reflection of your thoughts,and you attract what you think so with faith in your heart add meaning to your life and live it to the fullest with lips carved with a smile.