Rays of Positivity 

Dense fog of negativity will surely reduce 

the visibility of your path for sometime, 

but remember rays of  positivity are strong

 enough to elucidate it from time to time.

©Priti C


Packaging can lie.

In life we judge the thing  from its packaging without going into details. Many a times if the thing seems appealing to our eyes, we make  the decision to go for it without even thinking and if it’s not that appealing than we find thousands of reasons to spurn it.

But do we ever realise that most appealing things can still turn out to be the worst And the thing we eliminate in our disappointment because it’s not wrapped the way we expected it can be a gift from God that we are not able to see. 

So whether it’s a thing or a person before forming any judgment just think twice as decision we make today have the ability to alter our future.

©Priti C

Life =Echo

Whatever you will say on echo point will reflect back to you.For example you say I love you the sound of I love you will echo back and will fill your face with smile. Likewise, if you will say I hate you even that sound will be reflected back, but for sure you will not like that sound. As no one wants to hear I hate you.

 In a similar manner Life is also like an Echo.You always get back what you give. If you will  keep  sounding off  about life, do not see the positivity in your existence, keep hatred for others, play with their emotions than you can never expect goodness in return.

 On the other hand, if you sustain a positive outlook towards life,show willingness to accept the challenges,   realise that every person is important and greet them with love and smile everything will come back to you in double amount.

 There is an abundance of both positivity and negativity in the universe and it entirely depends on you what you choose for yourself.

  ¬©Priti C

Scent of new beginning..

The scent of the new beginning, clears all the backlog making the unexplored path visible.

And creates a sea of possibilities,happiness that fills the soul with excitement to welcome and embrace the beautiful future with open arms.

It propels the mind to become more productive and positive.

And teaches the best lesson- 

It’s never too late to start a fresh as sole meaning of life is to give  life a meaning and make it worth living “.

© Priti c

Self-Acceptance- The greatest success.

We should accept, love and realize our self worth and should never be afraid of expressing our true emotions, as it will vanish away the concern of being accepted or rejected and will commemorate the beginning of happiness.

Once we realize the power of self-acceptance,we become comfortable with both our strength and weakness and begin to accept other people as they are, our expectations from them get reduced, we embark on getting more involved with them and become less judgmental because we generate a clear understanding of the fact,it’s not necessary that other person also behave or get attached to us in the same manner as we do.

As a result of this half of our pain disappears on its own. And we experience the flow of fresh energy and positivity that can be utilized by us to become the best version of ourselves making life more meaningful.

Just like two sides of coin ,joy and pain are part of life and to understand the real value of joy it is required to taste the bitter pill of pain.

@Priti C