No one is useless.

Friends today for the first time I’m sharing a short story with you, that I read a few days back. 

There was a water bearer who had two large pots hung on each terminal of a wooden rod, which he used to carry across his neck. one pot had a crack while another was in perfect condition and was always full when he use to deliver it to his master while the cracked pot was always half filled. 

This went on for a year and the cracked pot was very ashamed of its imperfection while the other pot was proud of its accomplishments.

One day out of guilt the cracked pot apologized to his owner and asked him to discard the mess as it was not able to deliver full water as a result of which the water bearer even after hard work was not getting the full value.

The water bearer felt sorry for the broken pot, and told him to notice to the beautiful flowers along the path when they return to Master’s house. The cracked pot noticed the flowers but was again upset as it had leaked out half of its water and again apologized to the water bearer.

Finally the bearer said did you  notice there were flowers only on your side not on the other side, that is because I took advantage of your flaws and planted flower seeds that were watered by you and because of that I have been able to pick beautiful flowers and decorate my master’s table and make some extra income. So I want to thank you for that.
This tale gives a lesson that one  should never lose confidence, because everyone possesses some unique talent that needs to be recognized. And instead of looking at the negative side, we should try to look for the positives in a particular situation.As no one is useless. 


Secret of writing 

Writing is all about placing your heart on paper, For that you don’t need to attend any special classes, it’s in you just feel the emotions, work with the flow, be in the state of mind where you are able to imagine yourself in a particular situation you are writing about, as a result you will end up penning a masterpiece. Each and every word will be your own beautiful  creation. Irrespective of the theme, if you are  able to connect with your words, able to enjoy the flow of words only then you can expect others to like it.So be yourself, remove all the hesitation and write down the first thought that comes into your mind and believe me those words will turn out to be the most effective piece you can ever write .And it will fill your head with a sense of accomplishment.

©Priti C