Sukriti was raised by her father, after her mother’s death.He carried out all his responsibility in raising Sukriti and assured that his daughter receives the best education and become independent. Love is just like a thief that enters your life with silent steps you being totally unaware of its intrusion. Regardless of caste, appearance it can happen anytime with anyone and the same happened with Sukriti; she fell in love with Neeraj.

However, destiny is something that can never be anticipated, and sometimes, even your biggest proponent can fail to empathize with your situation and turn against you. When Sukriti’s father got to know she is in love with a boy from different caste, she was forced to marry a man chosen by her father as that was his only wish for Sukriti and for the sake of felicity of her father, got married to Kartik but their relationship was more of lust than love.

A woman is like an earth which is quiet, nurturing and absorbs everything, wrong deed, but when the burden is increased, it can result in an earthquake that brings destruction after all everyone has a limit to tolerate. And in case of Sukriti that limit was crossed several times. So finally, with a scrap of self-respect left, she decided to move out of the dead relationship. In hour of her darkness, when she was clueless about life, she was supported by her friends. Sukriti’s life has been a roller coaster ride, but as a phoenix is reborn from ashes, similarly with robust faith and dignity she rebuild herself and proved that she was “Broken for the Best”.

Friends this is my second book with my bestie and co-author srishti.So I need your love and support.

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Simple yet so complex

She is simple yet so complex. She is beautiful for pouring life in her thoughts, which is mistaken by others as a creative art. She is beautiful for that sparkle in her eyes while she talks about her ambitions and dreams. She is beautiful for her ability to conceal her pain still make others smile because her heart believes in speaking the language of love that is understood worldwide. She is beautiful for deviating from the trend of stylistic imitation of this transitory world and sticking to her simplicity.

Neither, she is beautiful, like those young women in the magazine, nor she is beautiful like her temporary looks. She is beautiful, deep down, her soul for accepting the hardships of life and facing them with courage and a smile.

Hence, she is a mysterious deep ocean difficult to swim for the one who prefers the shallow end. However, easy to cross for the one who is ready to make an attempt to explore the mystical depth of her emotions.

©Priti Chaubey

Relationships aren’t complicated.

We often hear relationships are complicated and great compatibility is required to make it work.

I agree that sometimes misunderstanding leads to problems because we don’t listen, to understand, we just concentrate to reply. We keep our next options lined up if something doesn’t work according to us in a relationship. Instead of communicating with our partners and solving the problem, we post our issues on social media where nobody really cares but put their two cents in.

And the fact is, it’s our pre-set expectations from a relationship that never let us acknowledge the little effort another person is trying to make. So expect less and embrace more as life is not about having everything, it’s about enjoying the small things.

A relationship is delicate like a flower, that needs to be nurtured with love, patience, loyalty and trust, so that it keeps blooming even in the midst of a storm.

A relationship requires commitment, and it works on one simple rule; you take care of me, and I take care of you.

©Priti Chaubey

Life an empty vessel

We are in the continuous habit of crying and complaining over every single thing that happens to us. It seems as if we are never satisfied with anything, and the reason behind this is our thought process.

We all are human beings, and it’s difficult to stay positive all the time, so it’s perfectly fine to be carried away by emotions. The only thing to worry about is not to become the prisoner of that temporary situation.

Here I would like to share a story. There was a wise man who cracked a joke, and everybody set off laughing like crazy. He cracked the same joke again, this time people did laugh, but the number was far less. Thrice when he cracked the same joke, there was no laughter at all.

So friends just give it a thought if a thing of happiness that is supposed to bring a smile on the face can lose its value after being repeated, then why to give strength to our problems, worries that is not even worth thinking about?

Our life is an empty vessel, and it’s entirely in our hands, whether we want to fill it with bitterness, anger and worrying about things that might not happen, or we want to fill it with gratitude, love and happiness.

©Priti chaubey

The nine letter word.

DIFFICULT the nine letter word is the root cause of failure in life. Even before making an attempt, we think it will be difficult to complete a task. We are so much in the habit of repeating its name every bit as if it’s our family member as a result of which we end up de-motivating ourselves. Waking up in the morning, leaving the bed and getting ready for office is also difficult, but we do it.
Because we love our job and need money to survive, so ultimately it’s our mind that makes a thing easy or difficult. Friends, it’s merely a lifeless word which gets strength from our thoughts and fear.

People often say writing is a difficult chore and for them, my answer is always the same if a person is passionate about something than the word difficult does not exist in their dictionary.
So just clear your mind, follow your passion and make your dream come true.

©Priti Chaubey

Be your own Inspiration.

We keep seeking for inspiration in the outer world, on the Internet or in other people, we try to imitate their lifestyles, attend various training sessions in order to become motivated and inspired. There is nothing wrong in learning good things and inculcating skills within you. The incorrect part is losing your originality to achieve that short- term inspiration.

No doubt, good words from people, motivational speeches and spending time with positive thinkers provide an instant flow of fresh energy for sometime, but what about the rest of your life?

You cannot read good quotes all the time, neither you can listen to speeches every time nor you’ll be surrounded by motivating people all over.

Then what will you do?
Where will you find your motivation from?

Well, friends’ the answer is very simple. The real motivation and inspiration are within you and to find that you don’t need any Internet connection, long modules or training sessions.

Just one thing is required that is changing your thought process and controlling them as you are the creator of your thoughts, and your thoughts are the creator of your World.

So think positive, build confidence in yourself, realize your worth and other things will be sorted. Instead of reading modules and listening to speeches every time, create your original piece read them when you feel low, speak good about yourself, be thankful for what you have and keep the other mediums of inspiration as an additional tool to polish up your skills (motivation, positivity). And become your own inspiration.

©Priti Chaubey

Real meaning of service before self.

We are amused by the heroes on the screen, but always forget to appreciate our real heroes who remains 24*7 on borders to protect us.
Who are first to stand up for what is right and last in the field to give up the fight.
Who are ready to render help to anyone in need and with a smile on the face always remain in the lead.
Who leave their family, kids and wife behind and sacrifice their lives to keep us alive.

They work selflessly and never ask for anything in return. Being a soldier calls for great courage and self-sacrifice. So we should appreciate them from the bottom of our hearts and pray for their safety.

As they are the one who shows us the real meaning of “Service Before Self.

©Priti Chaubey

No one is useless.

Friends today for the first time I’m sharing a short story with you, that I read a few days back.

There was a water bearer who had two large pots hung on each terminal of a wooden rod, which he used to carry across his neck. one pot had a crack while another was in perfect condition and was always full when he use to deliver it to his master while the cracked pot was always half filled.

This went on for a year and the cracked pot was very ashamed of its imperfection while the other pot was proud of its accomplishments.

One day out of guilt the cracked pot apologized to his owner and asked him to discard the mess as it was not able to deliver full water as a result of which the water bearer even after hard work was not getting the full value.

The water bearer felt sorry for the broken pot, and told him to notice to the beautiful flowers along the path when they return to Master’s house. The cracked pot noticed the flowers but was again upset as it had leaked out half of its water and again apologized to the water bearer.

Finally the bearer said did you notice there were flowers only on your side not on the other side, that is because I took advantage of your flaws and planted flower seeds that were watered by you and because of that I have been able to pick beautiful flowers and decorate my master’s table and make some extra income. So I want to thank you for that.
This tale gives a lesson that one should never lose confidence, because everyone possesses some unique talent that needs to be recognized. And instead of looking at the negative side, we should try to look for the positives in a particular situation.As no one is useless.

Secret of writing 

Writing is all about placing your heart on paper, For that you don’t need to attend any special classes, it’s in you just feel the emotions, work with the flow, be in the state of mind where you are able to imagine yourself in a particular situation you are writing about, as a result you will end up penning a masterpiece. Each and every word will be your own beautiful creation. Irrespective of the theme, if you are able to connect with your words, able to enjoy the flow of words only then you can expect others to like it.So be yourself, remove all the hesitation and write down the first thought that comes into your mind and believe me those words will turn out to be the most effective piece you can ever write .And it will fill your head with a sense of accomplishment.

©Priti C