Where my mind will be at ease,

And heart will find its corresponding piece.

Where my body will be full of zest,

And the soul will be genuinely loved.

Where my emotions will be truly treasured,

And people will not commute with the season.

In search of that home, my journey is still on,

Unaware of the fact if a place like this even exists.

©Priti C


When they’ll catch the glimpse of your soul.
You will be the one who’ll make them whole.
Sound of your voice will be music to their ears.
Happiness will be viewed in your eyes moist with tears.
Then neither the deep sea, nor the high sky.
Only your heart will be the place they’ll want to reside.

©Priti C

Where you belong…

You don’t need a sorting hat to tell you where you belong, you only need an understanding soul that can sense your pain, even in silence.

You need a warmth of a genuine embrace where you can forget all your concerns and give your mind a deep contentment.

You need a true love that can hold your hand and walk with you on the path of life.

There even your heart will shout this is the place where you belong.

©Priti C

Walk with a Friend.

Walk with me, start the journey my friend.

Confront the challenges and make everyone stun.

In the weather of difficulties make the sun shine.

Climb the mountain of success and leave the fear behind.

On the unstructured path, keep the morale high.

Let the hope and strength represent your style.

Every time you look back, keep this thing in mind .

Your friend is there to hold your hand for a lifetime.

©Priti C

The way love should be done ??

Where one is flute, other is sound.

Where one is the night, other is the moon.

Where one is lip, other is smile.

Where one is pain, other is medicine.

Where one is the sea, other is shore.

Where one is mind, other is thought.

Where one is heart, other is beat.

where one is the body,other is the soul.

Where one is sleep, other is dream.

This way, love should be done with the love that is more than love. The love that is unconditional and has no end.

©Priti C

The Book Of Nature

Nature is organizing a fantastic fest,
Where every Character is happy and properly dressed.
Clouds are dancing with full zest,
birds are chirping to make it look best.
River is flowing without any rest,
Plants are springing up and spreading liveliness.
Mountains are standing free from stress,
and vibes of positivity making creatures blessed.
I want to dwell in this beautiful nest,
As this book of nature is making me obsessed.

©Priti C

Ship Of Hopes Will Sail Across The Ocean.

The desert of sand is full of delusion,

Head and heart together makes a beautiful fusion.
Heart is stuck in the middle of thousands of emotions,
However, trust is still unshaken in case of love and devotion.
Menace from the shark is a scary situation,
Yet the mind is calm and detached from the notion.
Storm is preparing the journey full of commotion,
Even so,the ship of hope is ready to sail across the ocean.
Sea trapped in a bottle is a beautiful vision,
And the ship is on the path to meet its ultimate destination.

©Priti C


Leave the baggage of worries behind.

And Visualize in the mirror the reflection of positivity inside.

Carry the umbrella of faith as shield beside,

And Bid a goodbye to 2017 with a smile.

Drive the car of motivation with keys,

And start a new journey with control on speed.

Turn on the Gps of heart to search an address of happiness in 2018,

And capture with mind the beautiful memories on path of life.

©Priti C