True Girl

The one who was never short of words today prefers silence to speak on her part.

Girls communicate through their feelings. Their heart is a mysterious deep ocean full of secrets and emotions . They live with a mantra- ‘Hidden pain behind the smile and cheerful tone that announces to the world that everything is fine. Surrounded by masses, still alone living with the feelings buried in the heart that she never told. As she knows some emotions are meant to be felt but not entailed to be said’.

She’ll never ask anyone to care for her, but deep inside wants someone to be with her who will never fail to make her grin. She’ll commit to you, love you and will at no time play with your emotions.

So don’t take her for granted otherwise, she’ll walk out of your life without any intimation.
True girls are hard to find, and if you have one always keep her by your side.

@Priti Chaubey