social cause event.

​Attended a social cause event organised by my cousin’s NGO  and distributed clothes,books to the children and the needy people.The kind of  happiness and excitement those people had on their face, words will not be enough to describe that,for the first time in life I realised what does real happiness mean. Wants are endless, we cry for things we don’t own and never appreciate what we have without realizing that there are few who don’t have access to even basic necessities.

 We are busy in competing with trends to pair up with  the society that’s good and important in today’s era, but why do we completely overlook the existence of another section of the society? the underprivileged one.

 We want to develop our country and for that it’s necessary that every section of the society is developed and it can’t be done alone by  the government for that all of us should try to take some initiative.As this small step of ours can bring happiness on others face.

Really appreciate the intiative taken by Prashant pandey and varun pandey and want to thanks them for making me part of such a special event.

“We make a living by what we get,but we make a life by what we give.”

 @By Priti c