RIP Our National Assets (Bravehearts) 🙏

We are amused by the actors playing the character of a soldier on the screen, but invariably forget to appreciate our national assets, who remain 24*7 on borders to protect us.
They are first to stand up for what is right and last in the field to give up the fight.
They are ready to render help to anyone in need and with a smile on the face always remain in the lead.
They leave their family, kids and wife behind and sacrifice their lives to keep us alive.
They work selflessly and never ask for anything in return. Being a soldier calls for great courage and self-sacrifice.

So it’s a humble request appreciate the men in uniform, and our Martyred soldiers wrapped in tricolor for their bravery.
As they are the one who shows the real meaning of “Service Before Self.”

©Priti Chaubey

People for season,reason and lifetime.

Never blame anyone as every person you come across during your lifespan has a purpose to serve after which they depart. They meet you for a season, reason and lifetime.

Those who come and change with the season gives you the best memories to exist with, and sometimes they might be the one who will shatter you to the core. They expose you to the reality that “Happiness and grief are two sides of the same coin called life”.

After that comes the reason one, they come for a short duration, and their arrival is always associated with a message or a lesson that helps you to grow in life. They arrive in your life like an angel lift your spirit, show you path and leave once their reason has been accomplished.

Finally, you run across the lifetime one, who abides with you no matter what the situation is, who gives you the reason to laugh, they may not appear perfect to you, but your heart knows they are always there to support and love you.

©Priti Chaubey

Right person at a wrong time

Well friends I guess many of us have gone through this situation, what we call a right person at a wrong time. When nothing seems right suddenly someone comes into your life who appreciates everything about you that someone else took for granted. Who is ready to shower their love on you. Who make every effort to become a part of your life. For whom your happiness is everything.

Even your heart melts for that person, after all who don’t like to get loved and valued, but still you hide your feelings. You make yourself appear insensitive because circumstances force you to do so, and you reckon it’s better to distance yourself as you understand the value of human emotions and can’t see that person getting hurt.
And at the end all you can do is hide your pain with a fake smile.

©Priti chaubey

To be a woman

What does it mean to be a woman???

The story begins like this a daughter who cares for her parents until her last breath. She may not be physically present with them but her heart always remains worried for them.
A sister who is both a friend and mentor for her siblings.
A reliable friend with whom one can share their secrets and depend for support.
A wife who makes the life of her husband beautiful, in front of whom even the strongest man kneels down and is not hesitant to show his weakness because he feels safe in the embrace of her arms and never ending shower of her love.
A daughter-in-law who acts like a root of a family tree and nurtures every relation with her love and care.The one who fulfill her duty towards her second parents with sincerity.
A mother who loves her children unconditionally, make sacrifices to keep them happy and never expect anything in return.
And last but not the least an innocent girl who is ambitious, passionate yet compassionate, who very well know to maintain a perfect symmetry between personal and professional life.

Therefore, to be a woman means conversion of daddy’s little princess into a strong soldier who faces the challenges in life with bravery, who hide her pain behind her beautiful smile.Who just craves for love and respect. Who is an ocean of love and a universe of positivity.,


Life Must Go On

Emotional breakdown never discriminates on the ground of gender. Everyone passes through this phase once in their lifetime. It’s a worst pain and hurt to an extent that the person is totally shattered,it seems as if the world is ending. you feel like screaming and hiding at the same time. Throat seems chocked leaving you breathless. And the mind is not ready to take on the fact that the one who used to be your everything, who at once painted your world with colours is gone, leaving you in the midway like a demented person who is clueless about the life.

Surely from time to time your heart will pine for them, your mind will be full of memories spent with them.

But friends life is about moving on,so come out of this illusion, as those who left you were never meant be yours. So instead of punishing yourself,feel sorry for them as they gave up on someone who would have never given up on them.

And stand up like a soldier reluctant to surrender, and remember if you have one thing to cry for, there are a thousand things to smile for too. Be thankful as you have parents, loved ones, friends for whom your happiness matters a lot and they are your people and the permanent ones in your life. Accept it or not, with time your life will be back on track so instead of carrying baggage from the past just focus on your passion and do what makes you happy. Give time to your loved ones.Forgive and move on.

And learn to trust again as in the midst of darkness there can be few fireflies who want to accompany you in the journey of life.So just end the fear, clear the blockage and let the love find you, because not everyone will break your heart.

(This post is for all my friends who once have suffered or are suffering because of their insecurities)

©Priti Chaubey