The Book Of Nature

Nature is organizing a fantastic fest,

Where every Character is happy and properly dressed.

Clouds are dancing with full zest, 

birds are chirping to make it look best.

River is flowing without any rest,

Plants are springing up and spreading liveliness.

Mountains are standing free from stress,

and vibes of positivity making creatures blessed.

I want to dwell in this beautiful nest,

As this book of nature is making me obsessed.

©Priti C


Ship Of Hopes Will Sail Across The Ocean.

  The desert of sand is full of delusion, 

And mind and heart together makes a beautiful fusion.

Heart is stuck in the middle of thousands of emotions, 

But trust is still unshaken in case of love and devotion.

Menace from the shark is a scary situation,

But the mind is calm and detached from the notion. 

Storm is preparing the journey full of commotion,

But the ship of hopes is ready to sail across the ocean. 

The sea trapped in a bottle is a beautiful imagination, 

And the ship has now met its ultimate destination. 

©Priti C

No one is useless.

Friends today for the first time I’m sharing a short story with you, that I read a few days back. 

There was a water bearer who had two large pots hung on each terminal of a wooden rod, which he used to carry across his neck. one pot had a crack while another was in perfect condition and was always full when he use to deliver it to his master while the cracked pot was always half filled. 

This went on for a year and the cracked pot was very ashamed of its imperfection while the other pot was proud of its accomplishments.

One day out of guilt the cracked pot apologized to his owner and asked him to discard the mess as it was not able to deliver full water as a result of which the water bearer even after hard work was not getting the full value.

The water bearer felt sorry for the broken pot, and told him to notice to the beautiful flowers along the path when they return to Master’s house. The cracked pot noticed the flowers but was again upset as it had leaked out half of its water and again apologized to the water bearer.

Finally the bearer said did you  notice there were flowers only on your side not on the other side, that is because I took advantage of your flaws and planted flower seeds that were watered by you and because of that I have been able to pick beautiful flowers and decorate my master’s table and make some extra income. So I want to thank you for that.
This tale gives a lesson that one  should never lose confidence, because everyone possesses some unique talent that needs to be recognized. And instead of looking at the negative side, we should try to look for the positives in a particular situation.As no one is useless. 


Leave the baggage of worries behind. 

And Visualize in the mirror the reflection of positivity inside.

Carry the umbrella of faith as shield beside,

And Bid a goodbye to 2017 with a smile. 

Drive the car of motivation with keys,

And start a new journey with control on speed.

Turn on the Gps of heart to search an  address of happiness in 2018,

And capture with mind the beautiful memories on path of life.

©Priti C


Packaging can lie.

In life we judge the thing  from its packaging without going into details. Many a times if the thing seems appealing to our eyes, we make  the decision to go for it without even thinking and if it’s not that appealing than we find thousands of reasons to spurn it.

But do we ever realise that most appealing things can still turn out to be the worst And the thing we eliminate in our disappointment because it’s not wrapped the way we expected it can be a gift from God that we are not able to see. 

So whether it’s a thing or a person before forming any judgment just think twice as decision we make today have the ability to alter our future.

©Priti C

Bulb Of Positivity

Though she’s shattered deep inside,

But she knows how to fake smile,

 The heart is filled with scars and pain 

But  faith in life is still the same.

The eyes are portraying the illusion of defeat, 

But mind has already conquered the field. 

The wings are lost in the darkness of sky,

But bulb of her positivity will continue to ignite.

©Priti C

Thank You Everyone 

When I started writing 4months back there was no particular topic in my head, it was just an inner drive that motivated me to write. And at that very moment I decided to create a blog on WordPress with the name World of feelings where I write whatever I feel in my heart.

And it’s a fact that I was bit anxious about my writing, but it’s all because of your support friends that within a short span of time I have entered into 1000 club.

I genuinely want to thank each and every one of you for spending your precious time on my blog and boosting my moral with your valuable comments. ūüôŹūüôŹ

Please continue supporting me like this.

Happy New year to everyone in advance ‚ėļūüėä

Save Time in a bottle 

When mumma’s voice was my morning alarm,

And papa used to lift me high in his arms.

When eating breakfast was really tough,

And missing school bus was a daily stuff.

When sticking to Tv was like no one can tear us apart,

And fighting with siblings was my favourite part.

When evening darkness was the only fear,

 And  the bird name tension never flew near.

Wish I could save that time in a bottle,

and keep it safe to relive it later.

©Priti C