Sukriti was raised by her father, after her mother’s death.He carried out all his responsibility in raising Sukriti and assured that his daughter receives the best education and become independent. Love is just like a thief that enters your life with silent steps you being totally unaware of its intrusion. Regardless of caste, appearance it can happen anytime with anyone and the same happened with Sukriti; she fell in love with Neeraj.

However, destiny is something that can never be anticipated, and sometimes, even your biggest proponent can fail to empathize with your situation and turn against you. When Sukriti’s father got to know she is in love with a boy from different caste, she was forced to marry a man chosen by her father as that was his only wish for Sukriti and for the sake of felicity of her father, got married to Kartik but their relationship was more of lust than love.

A woman is like an earth which is quiet, nurturing and absorbs everything, wrong deed, but when the burden is increased, it can result in an earthquake that brings destruction after all everyone has a limit to tolerate. And in case of Sukriti that limit was crossed several times. So finally, with a scrap of self-respect left, she decided to move out of the dead relationship. In hour of her darkness, when she was clueless about life, she was supported by her friends. Sukriti’s life has been a roller coaster ride, but as a phoenix is reborn from ashes, similarly with robust faith and dignity she rebuild herself and proved that she was “Broken for the Best”.

Friends this is my second book with my bestie and co-author srishti.So I need your love and support.

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