Kargil Vijay Diwas

Soldiers are average man, it’s their courageous actions that make them different.
They are the first one who stands up for what is right. During the war when we are busy watching the headlines, they lie amidst the barrels of guns and grease battling for life but still last in the field to give up the fight.

Soldiers are considered to be strong, but only they know what they live through in each moment. Even a soldier is a son who gets hurt seeing his mother in tears while leaving the home. He is a boy who patiently waits for the reunion with the love of his life. He sleeps in the cold and skips the meal after extreme exhaustion. He carries in his heart the pain of lifting the dead body of his martyr brother.
They might be facing an upheaval in their lives, but never deny to render help to anyone in need and with a smile on the face always remain in the lead.

They too have dreams, desires, expectations and love, but for the call of duty and for the pride of the motherland putting everything aside, they leave their family, children and wife behind and sacrifice their lives to keep us alive.

They work selflessly and like a candle burn themselves to brighten the darkest path for the country and never ask for anything in return. Being a soldier calls for great courage and selflessness.

Hence, we should appreciate them from the bottom of our hearts and pray for their safety. As they are the one who shows us the real meaning of “Service Before Self.”And not to forget “they chose a way of life that lets us live ours freely.”

©Priti Chaubey