Life an empty vessel

We are in the continuous habit of crying and complaining over every single thing that happens to us. It seems as if we are never satisfied with anything, and the reason behind this is our thought process.

We all are human beings, and it’s difficult to stay positive all the time, so it’s perfectly fine to be carried away by emotions. The only thing to worry about is not to become the prisoner of that temporary situation.

Here I would like to share a story. There was a wise man who cracked a joke, and everybody set off laughing like crazy. He cracked the same joke again, this time people did laugh, but the number was far less. Thrice when he cracked the same joke, there was no laughter at all.

So friends just give it a thought if a thing of happiness that is supposed to bring a smile on the face can lose its value after being repeated, then why to give strength to our problems, worries that is not even worth thinking about?

Our life is an empty vessel, and it’s entirely in our hands, whether we want to fill it with bitterness, anger and worrying about things that might not happen, or we want to fill it with gratitude, love and happiness.

ยฉPriti chaubey

23 thoughts on “Life an empty vessel

  1. Pradeep

    Hi Priti,
    A very nice thought. You are right, life is all about what we choose our life to be made of.
    Even i find it very strange that people keep cribbing about the same thing.
    There are some problems we have to learn to live with, and get around them in a smart way.

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