Voice of a Girl’s heart

We often hear girls are difficult to understand. No one can understand their mood. She is way more emotional than being practical and many more things.

If a girl is making an effort, giving her loyalty to you, then just think how much courage it would have taken for her to do so and in return, she needs some attention and effort from your end so that her heart feels wanted.

If a girl text you and calls you that does not mean she has nothing to do, that clearly means she considers you as her priority and in return, she just needs you to make some time for her. She wants to hear you love getting disturbed by her.

If she share her problems with you that means she believes you. If she is showing interest in your life that means she cares for you and is emotionally connected to you. She wants you to trust her equally and tell her what is troubling you?

If a girl gets emotional or cries easily neither she’s creating drama, nor she is weak, it implies she is not afraid of showing her emotions.She is the same individual who hides her pain behind her beautiful smile and reply you with the same warmth as if nothing has happened.

Until the time, a girl cares for you and make an effort from her side all that should never bother you.

So never take a girl for granted as the problem will start the day she’ll stop messaging you and stop asking you about your well-being because that would be the day she will stop trusting you, her heart will still care, but she’ll stop expressing her emotions.

As every girl deserves someone who knows her worth, respect her and make an attempt to keep her in his life. And above all her self-respect is everything for her.

How independent, strong a girl may seem but, deep at heart she is a small child who needs her mom’s hug to feel alright. Father’s support to face the world with courage and someone to hold her in his embrace and assure her no matter what I’ll always love you and stay by your side.

So, is she asking for something not worth giving? Do you still feel it’s difficult to understand a girl?

©Priti C