Strong wall of insecurities.

Many a time in life, few incidents like loneliness, rejection and losing someone, affect people so badly that they begin questioning everything in life. The confidence in one’s own capability is shaken, and they tend to fear from their fate. The insecurities in their heart stop them from starting a fresh and living life with freedom. They build strong walls around themselves so that no one can move near them.

When somebody tries to break that wall, the person affected finds it difficult to open up as they develop a strong bond with loneliness. They are wedged between the war of heart and mind, and the cloud of confusion keeps interfering with their thought process.

Hence the best way to deal with them is patience and trust. Try to explain them with your affection that nothing lasts for long and love has the power to heal every pain.

©Priti C

Where you belong…

You don’t need a sorting hat to tell you where you belong, you only need an understanding soul that can sense your pain, even in silence.

You need a warmth of a genuine embrace where you can forget all your concerns and give your mind a deep contentment.

You need a true love that can hold your hand and walk with you on the path of life.

There even your heart will shout this is the place where you belong.

©Priti C