Walk with a Friend.

Walk with me, start the journey my friend.

Confront the challenges and make everyone stun.

In the weather of difficulties make the sun shine.

Climb the mountain of success and leave the fear behind.

On the unstructured path, keep the morale high.

Let the hope and strength represent your style.

Every time you look back, keep this thing in mind .

Your friend is there to hold your hand for a lifetime.

©Priti C

The nine letter word.

DIFFICULT the nine letter word is the root cause of failure in life. Even before making an attempt, we think it will be difficult to complete a task. We are so much in the habit of repeating its name every bit as if it’s our family member as a result of which we end up de-motivating ourselves. Waking up in the morning, leaving the bed and getting ready for office is also difficult, but we do it.
Because we love our job and need money to survive, so ultimately it’s our mind that makes a thing easy or difficult. Friends, it’s merely a lifeless word which gets strength from our thoughts and fear.

People often say writing is a difficult chore and for them, my answer is always the same if a person is passionate about something than the word difficult does not exist in their dictionary.
So just clear your mind, follow your passion and make your dream come true.

©Priti Chaubey