Be your own Inspiration.

We keep seeking for inspiration in the outer world, on the Internet or in other people, we try to imitate their lifestyles, attend various training sessions in order to become motivated and inspired. There is nothing wrong in learning good things and inculcating skills within you. The incorrect part is losing your originality to achieve that short- term inspiration.

No doubt, good words from people, motivational speeches and spending time with positive thinkers provide an instant flow of fresh energy for sometime, but what about the rest of your life?

You cannot read good quotes all the time, neither you can listen to speeches every time nor you’ll be surrounded by motivating people all over.

Then what will you do?
Where will you find your motivation from?

Well, friends’ the answer is very simple. The real motivation and inspiration are within you and to find that you don’t need any Internet connection, long modules or training sessions.

Just one thing is required that is changing your thought process and controlling them as you are the creator of your thoughts, and your thoughts are the creator of your World.

So think positive, build confidence in yourself, realize your worth and other things will be sorted. Instead of reading modules and listening to speeches every time, create your original piece read them when you feel low, speak good about yourself, be thankful for what you have and keep the other mediums of inspiration as an additional tool to polish up your skills (motivation, positivity). And become your own inspiration.

©Priti Chaubey