Rays of Positivity 

Dense fog of negativity will surely reduce 

the visibility of your path for sometime, 

but remember rays of  positivity are strong

 enough to elucidate it from time to time.

©Priti C


28 thoughts on “Rays of Positivity 

    1. Well ankasha dear I believe it’s all about thinking.And if you keep positive outlook in life nothing is impossible,I’m telling you this from my personal experience.How hard it may seem,if you are reluctant to give up you, no one can affect you and nothing can stop you ☺.Just have faith in yourself as no other person can make you feel better until you want to feel so.


      1. I can understand your situation darling for this I would suggest you few thing,just give it a try
        1)when ever you feel negativity is over powering you ,just go and sit with you parents.
        2) just look your self in mirror and laugh out for no reason like insane.
        3)Make your mind believe your are not the only one suffering in this world.
        4)If you have a best friend or anyone you are comfortable with just call them and talk about any topics .So keep your mind diverted and this way in few days u’ll start noticing the change.
        Believe me dear it really works☺

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      2. Yes, I am doing so… Since my mother left, I have written a lot and few of the things I have posted on blog also. I do find writing helpful, it helps me meet people who try to lift me up and also with those who are going through similar situations.

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