To be a woman

What does it mean to be a woman???

The story begins like this a daughter who cares for her parents until her last breath. She may not be physically present with them but her heart always remains worried for them.
A sister who is both a friend and mentor for her siblings.
A reliable friend with whom one can share their secrets and depend for support.
A wife who makes the life of her husband beautiful, in front of whom even the strongest man kneels down and is not hesitant to show his weakness because he feels safe in the embrace of her arms and never ending shower of her love.
A daughter-in-law who acts like a root of a family tree and nurtures every relation with her love and care.The one who fulfill her duty towards her second parents with sincerity.
A mother who loves her children unconditionally, make sacrifices to keep them happy and never expect anything in return.
And last but not the least an innocent girl who is ambitious, passionate yet compassionate, who very well know to maintain a perfect symmetry between personal and professional life.

Therefore, to be a woman means conversion of daddy’s little princess into a strong soldier who faces the challenges in life with bravery, who hide her pain behind her beautiful smile.Who just craves for love and respect. Who is an ocean of love and a universe of positivity.,


Real meaning of service before self.

We are amused by the heroes on the screen, but always forget to appreciate our real heroes who remains 24*7 on borders to protect us.
Who are first to stand up for what is right and last in the field to give up the fight.
Who are ready to render help to anyone in need and with a smile on the face always remain in the lead.
Who leave their family, kids and wife behind and sacrifice their lives to keep us alive.

They work selflessly and never ask for anything in return. Being a soldier calls for great courage and self-sacrifice. So we should appreciate them from the bottom of our hearts and pray for their safety.

As they are the one who shows us the real meaning of “Service Before Self.

©Priti Chaubey

The way love should be done ??

Where one is flute, other is sound.

Where one is the night, other is the moon.

Where one is lip, other is smile.

Where one is pain, other is medicine.

Where one is the sea, other is shore.

Where one is mind, other is thought.

Where one is heart, other is beat.

where one is the body,other is the soul.

Where one is sleep, other is dream.

This way, love should be done with the love that is more than love. The love that is unconditional and has no end.

©Priti C

The Book Of Nature

Nature is organizing a fantastic fest,
Where every Character is happy and properly dressed.
Clouds are dancing with full zest,
birds are chirping to make it look best.
River is flowing without any rest,
Plants are springing up and spreading liveliness.
Mountains are standing free from stress,
and vibes of positivity making creatures blessed.
I want to dwell in this beautiful nest,
As this book of nature is making me obsessed.

©Priti C

Ship Of Hopes Will Sail Across The Ocean.

The desert of sand is full of delusion,

Head and heart together makes a beautiful fusion.
Heart is stuck in the middle of thousands of emotions,
However, trust is still unshaken in case of love and devotion.
Menace from the shark is a scary situation,
Yet the mind is calm and detached from the notion.
Storm is preparing the journey full of commotion,
Even so,the ship of hope is ready to sail across the ocean.
Sea trapped in a bottle is a beautiful vision,
And the ship is on the path to meet its ultimate destination.

©Priti C

No one is useless.

Friends today for the first time I’m sharing a short story with you, that I read a few days back.

There was a water bearer who had two large pots hung on each terminal of a wooden rod, which he used to carry across his neck. one pot had a crack while another was in perfect condition and was always full when he use to deliver it to his master while the cracked pot was always half filled.

This went on for a year and the cracked pot was very ashamed of its imperfection while the other pot was proud of its accomplishments.

One day out of guilt the cracked pot apologized to his owner and asked him to discard the mess as it was not able to deliver full water as a result of which the water bearer even after hard work was not getting the full value.

The water bearer felt sorry for the broken pot, and told him to notice to the beautiful flowers along the path when they return to Master’s house. The cracked pot noticed the flowers but was again upset as it had leaked out half of its water and again apologized to the water bearer.

Finally the bearer said did you notice there were flowers only on your side not on the other side, that is because I took advantage of your flaws and planted flower seeds that were watered by you and because of that I have been able to pick beautiful flowers and decorate my master’s table and make some extra income. So I want to thank you for that.
This tale gives a lesson that one should never lose confidence, because everyone possesses some unique talent that needs to be recognized. And instead of looking at the negative side, we should try to look for the positives in a particular situation.As no one is useless.