Self-Acceptance- The greatest success.

We should accept, love and realize our self worth and should never be afraid of expressing our true emotions, as it will vanish away the concern of being accepted or rejected and will commemorate the beginning of happiness.
Once we realize the power of self-acceptance,we become comfortable with both our strength and weakness and begin to accept other people as they are, our expectations from them get reduced, we embark on getting more involved with them and become less judgmental because we generate a clear understanding of the fact,it’s not necessary that other person also behave or get attached to us in the same manner as we do.
As a result of this half of our pain disappears on its own. And we experience the flow of fresh energy and positivity that can be utilized by us to become the best version of ourselves making life more meaningful.
Just like two sides of coin ,joy and pain are part of life and to understand the real value of joy it is required to taste the bitter pill of pain.

@Priti C