Life Must Go On

Emotional breakdown never discriminates on the ground of gender. Everyone passes through this phase once in their lifetime. It’s a worst pain and hurt to an extent that the person is totally shattered,it seems as if the world is ending. you feel like screaming and hiding at the same time. Throat seems chocked leaving you breathless. And the mind is not ready to take on the fact that the one who used to be your everything, who at once painted your world with colours is gone, leaving you in the midway like a demented person who is clueless about the life.

Surely from time to time your heart will pine for them, your mind will be full of memories spent with them.

But friends life is about moving on,so come out of this illusion, as those who left you were never meant be yours. So instead of punishing yourself,feel sorry for them as they gave up on someone who would have never given up on them.

And stand up like a soldier reluctant to surrender, and remember if you have one thing to cry for, there are a thousand things to smile for too. Be thankful as you have parents, loved ones, friends for whom your happiness matters a lot and they are your people and the permanent ones in your life. Accept it or not, with time your life will be back on track so instead of carrying baggage from the past just focus on your passion and do what makes you happy. Give time to your loved ones.Forgive and move on.

And learn to trust again as in the midst of darkness there can be few fireflies who want to accompany you in the journey of life.So just end the fear, clear the blockage and let the love find you, because not everyone will break your heart.

(This post is for all my friends who once have suffered or are suffering because of their insecurities)

©Priti Chaubey

False belief..

We fear things even before starting because our mind is all full uncertainty and false belief that we’ll not be able to accomplish those things as we might have failed at it once or every time we get rejected we think it’s our fault.

But the fact is, we never fail because we destined to fail, but there is always a lesson behind that failure that we need to memorize .

Thus instead of adopting a negative approach and giving up we should consider the rejection and failure as a chapter in a book of life that is preparing us for the beautiful tomorrow.

It’s all in us we just need to substitute the false belief or so called fear of failure in our mind with positivity and start working towards the goal.

©Priti C

Scent of new beginning..

The scent of the new beginning, clears all the backlog making the unexplored path visible.
And creates a sea of possibilities,happiness that fills the soul with excitement to welcome and embrace the beautiful future with open arms.
It propels the mind to become more productive and positive.
And teaches the best lesson-

It’s never too late to start a fresh as sole meaning of life is to give life a meaning and make it worth living “.
© Priti c

Self-Acceptance- The greatest success.

We should accept, love and realize our self worth and should never be afraid of expressing our true emotions, as it will vanish away the concern of being accepted or rejected and will commemorate the beginning of happiness.
Once we realize the power of self-acceptance,we become comfortable with both our strength and weakness and begin to accept other people as they are, our expectations from them get reduced, we embark on getting more involved with them and become less judgmental because we generate a clear understanding of the fact,it’s not necessary that other person also behave or get attached to us in the same manner as we do.
As a result of this half of our pain disappears on its own. And we experience the flow of fresh energy and positivity that can be utilized by us to become the best version of ourselves making life more meaningful.
Just like two sides of coin ,joy and pain are part of life and to understand the real value of joy it is required to taste the bitter pill of pain.

@Priti C

I’m Possible

You yourself, create your destiny, it’s all in the mind, and you attract what you opine. Ups and downs are the divisions of life so not at any point hold on the thing that cannot be changed as time never remains the same.

Whenever you feel like giving up, always remember you are halfway there. Motivate yourself, move on and with a zest embrace your present and make your future the best.

Because when you decide to say I can’t do it, how hard you try you’ll never be able to do it. And how tough something may seem if you say I can do it, then even impossible says I’m possible.

@Priti Chaubey