Life Lesson

Once who made you feel on cloud nine and took you to leave all the worries behind.

All of a sudden began to keep you aside, making something really go bad inside and one who has never been short of words, today use silence to play their role.

But that broken trust taught the biggest lesson of life,not to let others control your smile.

As some lessons are learnt the hardest ways and some cost is never meant to be paid.


Live life to the fullest.

Life is a game so play it with your heart and brain . sometimes you win, sometimes you lose but never allow the spirit of positivity die within you.

Everything happens for a reason and like players in game not everyone meant to stay in your life, and the one meant for you sticks with you even without trying.So don’t cry because it’s over just smile because it happened.

Life is nothing but a reflection of your thoughts,and you attract what you think so with faith in your heart add meaning to your life and live it to the fullest with lips carved with a smile.



The best things in life are memories whether it’s with your loved ones, with some places, or of some accomplishments each memory has some story.

Whether good or bad,memories leaves a sharp impact on our mind few will brighten our smile and few will make us cry. But it’s on us which we want to remember. And our focus should be cherishing the happy memories as they will continue reminding us how difficult our life may be but it even gave us the reason to smile.

Memories are the priceless treasure one can possess as time,people come and go, but memories remain forever. The reason it’s close to heart because it’s the only thing that does not commute with time when everything else does.


Self -worth

Maturity is knowing when the time is right to let the things go that you can’t control and walking away with head held high. Being alone with your dignity is much

better than to be in a relationship that requires sacrificing your peace of mind, self worth and self respect.

And it’s better to wait for somebody who’ll never be afraid of commitment, for whom you’ll always be their priority, not an option. who’ll never make an excuse of busy schedule but will make time for you in that.

Who’ll never judge you on your looks when you show them your worst just to check if they can resist that, as a real person will always look for loyal heart and honesty and only that person deserves to catch your best too. A person who will make you understand what is true love all about.

So just know your worth and never settle for less ,as bitter truth is better than a sweet lie.

@ Priti chaubey