Let it go this phrase is very easy to use in life, and is the principal reason behind relationship failure. A relationship never dies because of misunderstandings, it dies due to lack of open communication, patience, effort and trust. As it is easy to give up but, great strength and strong determination is required to hold on.
Keeping questions in heart will just increase frustration and will create doubts so it’s better to ask questions because it can figure out many problems. Argument may provide temporary satisfaction but at the end it ruins everything.
So there nothing wrong in making a first move in expressing your feelings to nourish a relationship or apologizing and making up to save a relationship. Because the true relationship is the one where two imperfect people refuse to give up on each other.
Relationship is just like a house,when a light bulb burns out, you do not go and buy a new house, you fix the light bulb”.

@ Priti chaubey

Think about it once

One of the best decision taken by assam government and it should be implemented by other states too,

but we should think about it once and question ourselves now we need these laws to take care of our parents who gave us life? They are the one who never left us when we were young, so how can we leave them when they are  growing old ? They selflessly take care of our needs, they spend their entire lives to build ours and will never ask for anything in return, so it’s our duty to give them respect, take care of them when they need us the most because one day even we will get into the same phase.

 @Priti c  

Unsaid Emotions 

Papa I may not tell you every time, but I admire you from the bottom of my heart. you are my strength, my inspiration, my best advisor, badminton competitor, Zumba partner, my friend and my fighting partner too.😊

I have witnessed all the struggle and pain you have faced, but never broke up, and whatever you have achieved through your hard work and dedication you well deserve those things.

Your honesty, dedication, positivity, patience, stands for the right things, strong will and unquestionable faith in almighty are the best lessons I have learned from you.And the degree of respect I have for you in my heart is at its zenith.
You say I’m the best daughter and constantly complain that I never ask for anything. But the fact is you are the best father who understands me so well and fulfill all my wishes even before asking. You and mumma are my biggest assets, your love, trust and support means everything to me. Thank you for motivating me, supporting me in all my decisions whether right or wrong and teaching me to confront every situation with courage and making me independent.

For the first time I saw tears in your eyes and that too just with the thought of me leaving you and the way you embraced me brought tears in my eyes as well.

Papa i will need you at every point in my life, wherever i will be and will carry forward all the values and lessons learned from you and mumma. Just want lord to keep you both happy and healthy.

@Priti c


True happiness does not come from expensive gifts or any materialistic thing. It comes from the number of faces you can bring smile on.

Whether its your parents, relatives,friends, colleagues or anyone, if you are the reason behind their smile that is the best feeling. It provides deep contentment.
Life is very short to keep grudges so live it by spreading love, happiness and collecting blessings from others.
As people will forget what you said, what you did but will never forget how you made them feel.

by Priti c

Art of Appreciation. 

We are so engrossed in our journey of life that in a haste to reach our goal, we forget to treasure those wonderful people who too have contributed towards making our journey peaceful. It is easy to criticize, but don’t forget that a few words of appreciation will not cause even a penny. Those may be mere words to us but it can prove out to be a source of motivation and happiness for others.

Art of appreciation is a priceless gift that worth more than any materialistic gift

@Priti c